Every day
I enter this room
And see you,
  as always,
With a book in one hand,
  and a tea cup in the other—
Studying, searching
  old, dusty books…
You are so steady,
Like a beacon,
Showing me, in the
  rocky path I must follow,
The flat places,
  the footholds,
Solid ground.

I have felt
  a close comfort here
With you,
  a warmth,
A place where I am
Always understood—

And it has always been enough.

But what is this
New awareness,
  sharp and tingling,
That raises the hair
  on the back of my neck
When you step up behind me?
You speak, and your voice turns to
Silk on my skin;
Your mouth
  forms the same words
  you’ve always spoken
Every day since
  the day we first met,
And suddenly
All I can think of
  is kissing you—
Feeling your hands,
Firm and strong,
  On my face,
  in my hair,

Then Willow and Xander
  burst through the
  library doors,
Full of information
  gathered against
  the latest scourge from the Hellmouth,
And I am quickly reminded
Of my duty
  and yours.

So for now
I push away
This new distraction
  (breathless and electric 
  though it is)
And set my mind on
  saving the world
But more aware than ever
That you are by my side,
  Guiding me,
  teaching me,

Watching me.

And I am watching you.

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