The Watcher and the Witch

On the one hand, we have Rupert Giles: a bookworm with a quick brain and sharp wit, no small talent for magic, and a rather dark past--although some of his life experiences have equipped him with knowledge that has come in handy when he finds himself in a bind (hot wiring his car, or the ability to deliver a crushing left hook, for example).  But he has worked hard to overcome his past mistakes, and has become of man of great intelligence, trust, and honor.

On the other hand, we have Willow Rosenberg:  also a bookworm, with literary interests similar to Giles', possessing a natural gift for magic and an amazing, although dubious, talent for computer hacking.   She also has a darker side, her "vampWillow" side, of which she is becoming more aware as she discovers herself as a woman and lets go of the Child Willow with the low self-worth.  But even though she knows she could be "bad", she has the courage and integrity to only "use her powers for good."  She, too, is a woman of honor.

And they both like tea.  What more could you ask for?

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