The Watcher and the Slayer

The Slayer's life is dedicated to protecting humanity from vampires and the forces of darkness.  The Watcher's life is dedicated to...his Slayer.  Is it  any wonder that we Buffy/Giles 'shippers see more to this pair than a simple "father-daughter" relationship?  Certainly, that element is present;  Buffy has needed a strong male role model in her life, probably since before her mother and father split up.  But there way is more to it than that--the bond between a Slayer and her Watcher is deep and strong, and has been there ever since there were Slayers and Watchers;  more importantly though: who else could either of them share the most intimate parts of themselves with?  Not just any woman would understand the Watcher's absolute devotion to his Slayer;  and what ordinary guy does anyone know that would stand for his girl to be as intimate with another man as the Slayer must be with her Watcher?  It is from such an intense bond that their friendship, respect, and camaraderie would naturally blossom into romance, passion, companionship, and true love. The chosen will chose each other.

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Watching the Watcher
Buffy's point of view; a companion piece to "In This Close Comfort."

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