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As you can see, if you've visited the Pump before, I've pared down the content of the site considerably.  Just wanted to free up some space on my web server, and make this page a bit more efficient.  Some bits are gone for good (Head Ratings, Open Mike, Beverage of Choice, etc.) and others have just been moved around (fan art, links, etc.).  I hope you'll still find this site useful for pointing you to some much richer ASH fan sites.  Buffy may be gone, but the Espresso Pump is still standing--well, virtually, anyway.  The real thing is at the bottom of a huge crater now, isn't it?

Thank you for visiting!  Elyse, proprietor

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The Pump: Site intro, with this lovely site map in case you don't know where you are.

This is where you'll find ASH's bio, acting credits, and a few cute pictures of his extremely cute family.

Reader's Mike:  Come take a gander at my schitzo 'shipping--I just can't decide between Buffy/Giles and Willow/Giles!  Some links for each ship, and a few of my favorite fics

Seat Yourself:  Some of my favorite Buffy-related places to go, including ASH/Giles links and General BtVS links.


Updates: 28 Jun 2004
Site has lost the fat, but hopefully kept the muscle. :o)

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