Seat Yourself

Do you prefer a table by the window, or closer to the kitchen?   Ah yes...that window is especially good--it has a wonderful view of some great Giles/ASH and BtVS websites! Enjoy!

These are just a few of my favorite BtVS sites to visit.  The links from each page will give you literally hours and hours of blissful Buffy-surfing!

 ASH/Giles sites: great new ASH-lovin' site with pics from  Tony's new series "Manchild", plus a bunch of news clippings and other neat stuff.
Realm of the Tweedy Book Guy--tons of cool stuff to see and do.  Has been visited by ASH himself! (jealous?  Moi? Perish the thought.)
Bentley's Bedlam --absolutely full of all kinds of interesting stuff!  Follow the ASH/BtVS links, where you can find great wav. files and screen grabs.
Once More, With Feeling --some beautiful manipulated images highlight this ASH Page, plus original Giles fiction.
GylzGirl's Anthony Stewart Head Shrine --GG's page is full full full of excellent original fiction, and there's also a link to a page for Giles' Citroen (now deceased) by Gabi.
BtVS sites:
Much Ado About Buffy the Vampire Slayer --gorgeous graphics on this site, with episode summaries, a quiz, quotes, and spoilers. You must go here!

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