Partial list of acting credits:

Film Credits
  Colin Tromans  
  E! Entertainment

ROYCE     1994
  Norman Pitlock
  Made for Cable

British TV Credits
MANCHILD  2001--
  Adam Klaus

American TV Credits
  Rupert Giles

VR.5 1995
  Oliver Sampson 


London Theater Credits
CHESS  1987-98
  Freddie Trumper
  "The American"

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW  1991,between 93 and 97
  Dr. Frank-N-Furter 

YONADAB   1985    
  Absalom, with Patrick

  Phineas Fogg

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Remember those coffee commercials? Yes, those—suave, handsome gentleman borrows coffee from attractive girl-next -door. That was our Tony. With an American accent. He still gets stopped on the street by people who remember him as "that coffee guy." Of course, we know him best as Rupert Giles on "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer", the part he originated in 1997. But think back, to about 2 years before "Buffy", to a strange sci-fi thriller on Fox Television, called "VR 5." Can’t remember it too well? It only ran for 13 episodes before it was cancelled, but if you happened to catch it after the 4th ep, you saw Tony in all his glory, playing a sexy, earring-wearing, gun-toting superspy, Oliver Samson. Oliver’s job was to take care of a young woman with a genetically-altered brain, who could take herself and others into a virtual reality world.

Other noteworthy appearances include an episode of the BBC’s "Jonathan Creek" in which ASH plays an illusionist with a penchant for leather pants and whips (1997); an appearance in "Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place", as a college anatomy professor who paints nude portraits of an exemplary anatomical specimen—himself (1999); and in a London production of "The Rocky Horror Show", in which he played the sweet transvestite Dr. Frank-n-Furter (yes, the one with the corsets and fishnets.)(1991). Rocky Horror fans have proclaimed Tony to be the best Frank ever. We aren’t surprised.

It’s possible that the acting bug was already alive and well in Tony the day he was born (before his body could develop antibodies for it, no doubt), on February 20th, 1954 in Camden Town, N. London; but one of his earliest performances was in a living-room production of "The Emperor’s New Clothes" in which he played the Emperor. Tony was seven at the time, living in Hampton, and his parents were also in show business   —his father, Seafield Head, was a documentary filmmaker who created Verity Films, a British production company. Helen Shingler, his mother, was also an actor. Tony also has an older brother, Murray Head (who originated the role of Freddie Trumper in the musical play "Chess". Remember "One Night In Bangkok"?) Tony went throughout his school years performing in various musicals and plays, and when he graduated high school, he worked in his father’s production company for a year before entering the London Academy of Dramatic Arts. There he honed his acting and musical skills until 1976.

For another six years he performed on stage and screen, and then at age 28 he met the love of his life, Sarah Fisher. They’ve been together ever since, and in the years 1989 and 1991, two more of the most important females in his life arrived on the scene—his daughters Emily Rose and Daisy May. Tony splits his time between LA and his home with his family in Bath, England  (They share their country home with a large assortment of pets, as well--horses, dogs, and others; not surprising, since  Sarah is an animal trainer and has written articles and books on the the subject.).

Together, Tony and his family have supported many charitable causes in England, such as AIDS research, Animal Welfare, the Rainbow Centre, and the National Osteoporosis Society.  In the states, Tony has helped raise funds for the American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, and again for AIDS research--he was Grand Marshall for AIDSWalk98 in Hartford, CT.

So, to summarize: he’s handsome, has a knock-out voice and a superior acting talent, is a dedicated family man, is faithful to his sweetheart, and supports the most worthy charitable causes (and he’s drop-dead in fishnets)—what more could any fan of Anthony Stewart Head ask for? Wait, hold that thought…it’s time for "Buffy" and you might want to add to your list. :o)


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